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23 November 2023

Premios Agripina, Ganador Categoría Stand XIII Edición 2023.

We won the Award with the TONOMUS NEOM project carried out at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain last year 2023. In the festival of communication of reference and meeting point for members of the advertising, marketing and communication sector in Spain.


Tonomus Neon is a company whose vision and work focuses on creating future-ready societies built on cognitive ecosystems. Driven by a network of progressive thinkers who develop solutions and devices to improve the human experience, with reliable tools and solutions that improve work, life and sustainability.

The project aimed to design each user-centred space taking into account all possible interactions to achieve a unique experience, with special care in the co-working areas showcasing new technologies and turning the entire stand into a gateway to the future of TONOMUS.


At the Agripina Awards (the Festival of Communication), advertising creativity is rewarded and encouraged. Marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and communication of goods and services, advertisers, advertising agencies, design studios, media, production companies, advertising media, printers, freelancers, students, and all those professionals who actively participate in the advertising, marketing and communication sector are disseminated.


They also give visibility to innovation in communication through creative talent in the pieces selected in each category, thus promoting advertising and marketing culture among entrepreneurs, to highlight the importance of communicative originality in the development of any business model.


The Agripina Awards are the festival of reference and meeting point for members of the advertising, marketing and communication sector in Spain, a market that represents 15,000 million euros, brings together 37,000 companies, 93,000 workers, and accounts for 1.3% of GDP.


The 13th edition of the Agripina Awards was held on Thursday 23 November at the Nissan Cartuja Auditorium, an emblematic space that has witnessed the highlights of advertising in Seville. This event brought together advertising professionals, creatives, advertisers, students and agencies from all over the country. A total of 203 pieces were submitted to the competition to celebrate the talent and dedication that goes into each advertising campaign.