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26 Febrero 2024

Assembly for the 2nd year of the TONOMUS NEOM project at the MWC.

Assembly for the 2nd year of the TONOMUS NEOM project at the Mobile World Congress 2024. Spain’s most important event on mobile technology. This year was an unparalleled success with +100K attendees, + 2 700 exhibitors, sponsors and partners from 205 countries and territories.


Tonomus Neon is a company whose vision and work is focused on creating future-ready societies built on cognitive ecosystems. Driven by a network of progressive thinkers who develop solutions and devices to enhance the human experience, with trusted tools and solutions that improve work, life and sustainability.

The project aimed to design each user-centric space taking into account all possible interactions to achieve a unique experience, with special care in the co-working areas showcasing new technologies and turning the whole stand into a gateway to the future of TONOMUS.

Design and conceptualisation carried out by more than 30 specialists using various complex technical solutions, more than 10 types of premium finishes, working and combining with more than 20 different materials and textures. Process design and planning study to optimise project assembly time.


Multidisciplinary team made up of more than 80 professionals including project managers, product managers, marketing managers, sales managers, architects, assembly managers, audiovisual specialists, designers, lighting technicians, electricians, carpenters, fitters, sign makers, assembly assistants, painters who dedicated more than 16,580 hours to the assembly.