What is a tech stand?

They take characteristics of custom stands combined with those of themed stands to provide them with more advanced and specialised solutions to achieve more innovative and impressive results.

Audiovisual resources predominate: images, whether still or moving, and audio (sound, music…). Moreover, with the technological and digital elements currently available to us, these audiovisual resources are becoming increasingly innovative, varied
and impacting, turning screens into objects of interaction through 3D technology, augmented reality, etc…

Not only the image and the audiovisuals, but the lighting also takes on a special role. The spotlights, the tone and movements of the lighting that we have chosen, strategically placed, allow dynamic solutions to attract the attention of users.

This type of stand design is more limited for technology companies, where the high cost of these resources and technologies considerably increases their price.

Even so, it is good to consider specific solutions to integrate the other types of stands.

Advantages of a tech stand

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