What is a custom stand?

It is normally manufactured with flexible materials or wood to facilitate maximum customisation of the space with a free design and is used by leading brands of great national and/or international recognition.

We are talking about a major project with a larger budget and especially designed for global projects.

The key will be to find the perfect balance between the budget you have and the differential value you want to give it to stand out in an ingenious way and capture the attention of your potential customers.
We promote creative designs combining the intelligent use of special materials to create different atmospheres in the same place, generating a unique space. We have specialised labour (carpenters, blacksmiths, electricians, audiovisual specialists, plumbers, sign makers) and staff trained in more specific materials and tools.

High capacity of our professional team (formed by 3D designers, graphic designers, commercials, projects manager, business developers, logistics) in charge of the project so that the design, production and assembly of this stand is successful.

Advantages of a Custom or Design Stand

If you are looking for a 100% customised design, then we can help you when you opt for this type of custom stand to add differential value to the space.