At Elephant Projects we are experts in developing turnkey projects for trade fairs all over the world. We aim to ensure that our clients achieve the best results at trade fairs through the design and construction of stands that convey the essence of their brand.


Quick assembly and adaptable to different spaces. Ideal for businesses with limited budgets that want a professional image. An ideal solution for your business.


Manufactured with flexible materials or wood to facilitate the customisation of the space with a free design. Used by leading national and/or international brands.


They offer a 360° immersive experience that reflects the brand and generates emotions. The theme is used to position the brand and create a unique experience.


They stand out for their use of innovative audiovisual resources, such as 3D and augmented reality, and strategic lighting. Ideal for technology companies.

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You can experiment with our four types of stands or combine elements from each to find the solution that’s right for you.

There are many variables to consider when creating a stand, such as design, dimensions, materials, colors, finishes, branding, lighting, furniture, audiovisuals, budget, location, goals, clients, visitors, exhibitors, products, brand values, communication, and more. This list allows us to generate endless possibilities. At Elephant Projects, we will provide you with some tips that we have learned and perfected during 25 years of experience.

The design of the stand should always be aligned with the SMART objectives for that trade show. For example, if the goal is to acquire customers, the design should focus on negotiation and customer interaction. If the objectives are to promote products, the design should be oriented towards showcasing and exhibition.

Display the brand's values and attributes in all the actions the company undertakes at the trade show, always aligned with the customer's needs. We cannot divert attention from what is truly important for both parties; show what you really want them to remember.

Personalized attention is increasingly important. Today, our customers have evolved from needing products, services, and experiences, so make sure you have staff who understand your customers and can address all their needs and concerns at the stand.

In most trade shows and events, there are key locations that offer greater visibility. It's worth considering these VIP locations, even if they come with an additional cost.

It's essential not to lose sight of making the space functional. Study the dimensions and areas necessary to carry out all activities correctly, always considering the experience you want to convey to your clients and the people visiting the stand.

The stand is more than just the days of the trade show. Before the event, use social media to share the stand's design process, its assembly, behind-the-scenes content, which trade show you'll be participating in, and where you'll be located. After the event, share your experiences, customer opinions, and feedback from everyone who visited your stand on your social media channels.

Professionalism, seriousness and closeness has been our hallmark throughout the history of Elephant Projects, and we are proud to provide personalized treatment to each of our clients. Contact us and put us to the test.